bringing it home

I was PRETTY into the emmy's last night. PRETTY into them. Hence the following dress/home match ups!

ps: wisconsin bound this weekend and it's suppose to be a little 'cool' i'm dreaming of cozy sweaters with white jeans!

pps: migration

ppps: in the market for a kilim pillow? because I am!


so the first project at the apartment will be the installation of the art wall...but I already am afraid of spending too much money on frames! Hence the DIY ideas below: 

PS: oh Julia, I love you still. 

PPS: I can't wait for fall!! yum!!

PPS: great living with a boy already has me wanting 'cuter' sleep outfits..I could get into these.

goodbye half-fridge

Big weekend ahead: Moving in with JDM!!!

What's more exciting than moving in with the guy you love? A full sized refrigerator. (joking...or am i) After 3 years in my little studio, the time has come to say goodbye to my half-sized fridge that sits in a kitchen that well, isn't quite a kitchen.

In honor of my half-sized friend, some 'small' kitchens that put my tiny cooking space to shame: 

 I've had some great memories in my little apartment, but on to the next adventure! 

ps: i like you

pps: participating in this tonight! Can't believe i'ts been 3 years since I attended the first one in NYC!

mastering the art wall

Confession: I find actually hanging frames on a wall intimidating. (hence this old post) But it's time to bite the bullet and put some nails in the wall. 

I'll soon be a proud member of this overly blogged and photographed club soon!

PS: This seems smart

PPS: damnit jcrew. every time

pot plants in pots with plants in them! On the hunt for small shrubs, trees.... or honestly something that just stays green most of the year in a pot. Ha! Inspiration below:

On the hunt for invincible green plants/trees that grow in pots. That's possible right? Add it to the list!

PS: my new found obsession

PPS: great alternative to paper confetti!

hang in there

In desperate need of more hanging looking for ideas of how to have an 'exposed' closet of sorts without it looking...well ugly. Some ideas below!

happy friday!!


who knew there was a paris COUTURE fashion week. Ok probably some people, but not this one. Let's pair some of these lovely ladies with fantasy homes shall we? 

this girl                                                              this home

this girl                                                                that home

this girl                                                                        that home

the day has come:

I'm getting into hats. 

"By god, Why!", you say? 

1) I need to start taking better care of my skin

2)  I've always wanted to be that girl. Ha!

and don' forget we still have some summer left!

wish me luck. ha!

ps: i kind of heart claire danes....and this was a great listen.

pps: purchased my first 'hat' yesterday. this guy. eek!

please excuse the silence

no posts last week = extra inspirational posts this week

including: thoughts on how to may a tiny city backyard, a killer  tiny city backyard. 

ps: i want to try and make this

pps: and these too. perfect starter when having friends over!

clean and white


happy friday!!!!!!!!!

ps: stop it.

pps: excited to go see this or this tonight! 

framing nature

oh how we love to frame and box things up in a nice little tidy box

neat and tidy!

ps: i just want to wear white all the time!!

pps: all the time.

some recent chair love

I would gladly take one of these off your hands if you offered...

ps: hmmmm, gold birks? 

pps: and yes im probably the last person to see pitch perfect. But I finally did,                           and yup, i loved it. 

retro anniversary date

Um, you know what's underrated? 

Yep you guesssssed it, drive in movie theaters! There just happened to be one outside the town J and I stayed in this past weekend in so we picked up a pizza, a bottle of wine and drove out to the drive-in!  Fresh air, your dog in back, stars above, fresh pizza and wine?  Can't go wrong!

ps: some cute blanket for that evening at the drive-in

pps: pillows to throw in

ppps: On another note, I am into this garden.

shuffleboard anniversary

celebrating a little one year anniversary with some shuffle board tonight! I predict a major resurgance of the game in general. Can't wait to try this place out next time I am in Brooklyn!

ps: uh oh new diane keaton

pps: weekend adventures to include some swimming in waterfalls here!

pps: on another note, some serious

ppps: here's to the weekend!!

white lace

oh to be a lady who ONLY wore white and lace. 

ps: this is a totally doable road trip over for a  4 day weekend right? haha

pps: ghostbusters!

pps: one of my favorite parts of last weekend was just wandering manhattan looking for a slice of pizza...(didn't make it to any of these but might inspire another late night pizza walk!)

collecting collections (say that 10 times fast)

If I had a larger apartment I think I would get into collecting. Not like 'crazy collecting lady' collecting, but just a few nice collections. One might be maps, specific maps of places I have been saved from trips past or maybe one large map divided into frames like below. 

what about you? Do you have any collections? 

ps: milk glass collections remind me of my grandmother

pps: wooden duck collections remind me of my father

pps: ooh cutting boards!

Norway? yes way.

This post is coming to you inspired by two of the loveliest people I know starting their honeymoon through the Netherlands today! How about some lovely Norwegian interiors to chase those Monday blues away....

ps: i think these dream lake houses find ME!

pps: Norway gets it yet again

pps: great 'im on a plane on my way to my honeymoon' outfit. and every day after that....

concrete meals

i'm into it. 

a little coffee, a little bite to eat, and a whole lot of concrete. 

ps: im hoping to take this walk this weekend. 

pps: in love. with yet another pitched roof house.

chair house look

             this chair:                                                this house:                                       this look: 

happy tuesday!