the winter that just won't quit

 I hear it snowed in Chicago yesterday!

In honor of that sad and depressing news let's light a fire and cozy up in front of a fireplace. Maybe like one of the beauties below!

in the country:

in the city:

at the lake:

Speaking of getting warm, I'm into this idea.

PS: was recently passed along this lovely article which outlines 3 prettttty nice days in the finger lakes. Can't beat summertime in upstate New York!

PPS: you know what feels like the opposite of snow? This.

white on denim on...subway tiles?

sure, why not. 

Clicking on the images below will bring you to on jcrew's blog which is currently all about ladies from California and denim. A recent post created some serious kitchen and denim envy.

Sigh. A white kitchen and a richly colored carpet. This lady is killing me. Some more beautiful white kitchens to sport your high waisted jeans in below!

Where's Sam Baldwin when you need him?

I splurged yesterday and bought myself the Sunday NYTimes. What a treat. And I really feel like I got my money's worth in this article alone.  It also got me thinking..

the Dutch are just way too cool.

And now it't time to admire some beautiful dutch homes built on their progressive waterways.  (and yes, that's Sam Baldwin's house above)

ps: lessons from the Dutch finally hitting the states

pps: those last few houses? Just an adorable little Dutch town by the name of Geithoorn. I wouldn't say no to exploring this town...maybe on this boat...and in this outfit? Yep. Sounds Lovely.

wet t-shirt contest anyone?

Get your attention? Nope, no wild coeds partying in the panhandle here. Just me, thinking about spring and how this weekend is going to feel like a 'mini spring break'.  Maybe a weekend at home doesn't count as a true 'spring break', but thanks to incredible weather this weekend certainly has the potential to feel like one.

If your weather this weekend is forcast to be as beautiful as Philly's then some kind of outdoor activity is probably on the docket. I am personally hoping to take park in a good old fashioned 'sit in the park'. Maybe even a picnic! What about you?

PS: Those last 2 photos kill me. Makes me want to move back to the mid west, live on a lake, find strangers with canoes and make them my friends!

What a beautiful feature by kinfolk.

an ode to round windows

Found this little gem just screaming to be 'fixed up' the other day....

and it got me thinking about round windows. 

And the fact that my new guilty pleasure is this show, is not helping my zillow addiction.

ps: and this story just keeps sucking me in

spring is for layers

layers of carpets that is!

But getting back to spring. it really is the season to dress in layers. Walking out in the morning can mean 25 degrees and somehow by 3 pm it can be 60 out! Some 'spring layered looks' below!

I am into wearing 2 jackets. Maybe I will be wearing 2 jackets while standing on 2 rugs sometime soon if an idea I have in mind comes to life...

dry nights, cool humidifier

Overcome by a sudden desire to purge as much out of my apartment as possible, I recently threw out my humidifier. Now I lay awake restless as I seem to have become addicted to it's calming 'hum' and skin moisturizing effects. As a result I am in the market for a new humidifier. Maybe I can find one that is actually good looking like the ones below!

on second thought, how about I just start sleeping outside in one of these beautiful locations? Much more humid and soothing than any humidifier...

note: this last idea might be slightly more expensive than a 45 dollar humidifier from target.

ps: I am way too into following this trial

Bathrooms are for nudes

Quick: name the one room in your apartment/house/cottage/mansion/yurt that you are naked in the most. Answer? If it's 'the vegetable garden', well I am jealous.

For the rest of us, I am going to guess it's 'the bathroom'.

What better place to have your figure drawing collection?

In other news: I had one of the best meals I have had in a long time, here Saturday night in Brooklyn. 

The meal got me thinking of old built in kitchen cabinetry. That's what happens when you dine in a restaurant that has been literally plopped in an over 100 year old pharmacy!

ps: some nudes for your bathroom (and yes, some shameless self promotion)

Brooklyn door makeover

My dear friend Molly recently painted the doors in her Brooklyn apartment black. How incredible do they look? And yes, how jealous are we of her apartment in general?

Before and after:

It looks so great. More door inspiration below!

Oh and that painting to the right of the front door? One of mine from college. Inspired by Euan Uglow. Some of my favorite pieces by him below. I loved him.

I still looooove him. 

happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!

chair dreams do come true

Another craiglist victory and this might be even better than the last one. When I saw the chair below posted on craigslist under the title 'Ames chair' for only 45 dollars, I thought it must be a joke or at least not original. 

But lo and behold the post was real, the chair is original and more importantly Calvin is clearly PSYCHED about this new addition. Some lovely images showcasing this chair below.

Great. Now it seems I need to hunt down at least 5 more, become the owner of an actual dining table oh and maybe live in a space that has a room dedicated to only eating. Sigh. One day!

ps: the definition of 'concious uncoupling' (say that 10 times fast ha)

Finds Friday-the chair edition

It's 'Craiglist Finds Friday' (or CFF which I just invented) and there are so many great chairs out there now that it was hard to choose just 3! 

Oh hello,  caned wood and leather chair. You are listed at $90 but maybe I could talk your owner down to $75. More lovely caned chair images above. I want them all. 

Hello little Danish side chair. This guy is listed at $65, but it needs reupholstering I would try to get that down at least $50. This chair would be a great addition to an eclectic collection of chair at a dining room table.  Such a great way to avoid having to choose only one style of chair! Fun dining chair collections above.

AH the wood & canvas 'safari' chair. I am into you. And for only $49 dollars I am tempted to snatch you up despite the fact that I have absolutely no use for you. This would be incredible if this was being sold as a set of two. More 'twin' canvas safari chair inspiration above!


 happy weekend!

color warm up

It's been a cold week. Maybe some bold, super saturated colors can help warm us up!


images below inspired by the painting above

Feeling warmer already!

PS: Beaver tush anyone? 

i dream of Burma

I know, I am SUPER late to the game. If you are like me and have been looking for a good show to fill that tv hike left by house of cards and true detective, TOP GEAR (the bbc version) is my latest evening entertainment. Episode 6 of season 21 features these three guys driving through Burma. The landscapes were so beautiful it looked fake!

According to the BBC these 3 silly British guys were the first 'westerners' to enter Burma in over 40 years! I am sure they would also make an exception for me. ('Its for my blog!' Seems like a good enough reason, right?)

Inspirational travel photos below as well as some fun vacation outfit ideas.

We can't  get too serious!

Jack on assignment

When I found out that my youngest brother Jack would be hanging out on a ranch this week for spring break and also taking photos for his high school photography class, I immediately barraged him with the images below and asked him to take some photos for me. Maybe this will be the animal print that goes above JDM's bed!   

I don't know about you but I am pretty confident that the 'OK' response basically guarantees an incredible photograph. An 18 year old boy in his last semester of high school who is basically just focused on girls, tennis, golf and girls is sure to capture the qualities I described above in a photo. (PS: Jack, bulls or oxen would work too)

PS: who needs a framed photo when you can hire John Pawson to design your home and you can watch real horses from the comfort of your bed!

flying in style

After flying in and out of Chicago this past weekend in less than 72 hours, I can't help but make today's post about the ideal airport outfit.

Oh, and the guy below. He just looks so comfortable!

I blame my mother for this preoccupation with the perfect airport outfit. She is rarely caught boarding a flight without a blazer, a sweater over her shoulders and some sensible flats.  This 'layered' approach to 'air wear' (yes I just coined that phrase) allows her to fly comfortably no matter the temperature throughout the flight.  

Mom is that you? Both she and Murphy Brown manage to always look classic, comfortable and just a TOUCH dressier than the rest of us.   

More Murphy Brown & Mom inspired airport outfits below!

Great. Now I want to jump on a plane and run away on vacation!

PS: he changed his shirt!

ladies ladies ladies ladies.....weekend.

Heading to Chicago tonight for a bachelorette and wedding shower this weekend! Lots of ladies celebrating one very cool lady. 

Not sure how much lingerie will be thrown around but there is some cute stuff out there!

Some favorites below. 



PS: i love these articles in the new york times. The idea of even dreaming of buying a home is a total joke but I like to pretend anyways. The homes for 300,000 are particularly good this week. My favorite is the home in Cleveland. 

art imitates life 2

I love this game. Where would the painting below live? And to whom would it belong? 

in a 'modern & quirky' city apartment? 

In a 'funky/traditional' city townhouse?

PS: everyone is obsessively following this story like I am right?

PPS: tomorrow is friday!