retro anniversary date

Um, you know what's underrated? 

Yep you guesssssed it, drive in movie theaters! There just happened to be one outside the town J and I stayed in this past weekend in so we picked up a pizza, a bottle of wine and drove out to the drive-in!  Fresh air, your dog in back, stars above, fresh pizza and wine?  Can't go wrong!

ps: some cute blanket for that evening at the drive-in

pps: pillows to throw in

ppps: On another note, I am into this garden.

shuffleboard anniversary

celebrating a little one year anniversary with some shuffle board tonight! I predict a major resurgance of the game in general. Can't wait to try this place out next time I am in Brooklyn!

ps: uh oh new diane keaton

pps: weekend adventures to include some swimming in waterfalls here!

pps: on another note, some serious

ppps: here's to the weekend!!

white lace

oh to be a lady who ONLY wore white and lace. 

ps: this is a totally doable road trip over for a  4 day weekend right? haha

pps: ghostbusters!

pps: one of my favorite parts of last weekend was just wandering manhattan looking for a slice of pizza...(didn't make it to any of these but might inspire another late night pizza walk!)

collecting collections (say that 10 times fast)

If I had a larger apartment I think I would get into collecting. Not like 'crazy collecting lady' collecting, but just a few nice collections. One might be maps, specific maps of places I have been saved from trips past or maybe one large map divided into frames like below. 

what about you? Do you have any collections? 

ps: milk glass collections remind me of my grandmother

pps: wooden duck collections remind me of my father

pps: ooh cutting boards!

Norway? yes way.

This post is coming to you inspired by two of the loveliest people I know starting their honeymoon through the Netherlands today! How about some lovely Norwegian interiors to chase those Monday blues away....

ps: i think these dream lake houses find ME!

pps: Norway gets it yet again

pps: great 'im on a plane on my way to my honeymoon' outfit. and every day after that....

concrete meals

i'm into it. 

a little coffee, a little bite to eat, and a whole lot of concrete. 

ps: im hoping to take this walk this weekend. 

pps: in love. with yet another pitched roof house.

chair house look

             this chair:                                                this house:                                       this look: 

happy tuesday!


Paris Fashion week edition! go!

Graceful Parisian lady, on your way home from the 'shows' to your graceful Parisian townhouse? I love your dress, your simple bun and all that glass and steel. 

French rebels. All those shows got you hungry? Grab those cigarettes and nibble on some bites at one of these wonderfully simple cafes. 

oh hey lady in orange...returning to do a quick bit of work in between 'shows'? Your black biker jacket would look fantastic thrown over that leopard chair. 

ps: great travel advice

pps: love

ppps: too cute

over and dyed

oh how much do I love it when friends move into new apartments and ask for advice!

Today's assignment: A lovely brooklyn brownstone that is in need of a neutral rug for the bedroom! How about something super textural? 

or what about going blue and overdyed? 

ps: be mine

pps: can't belive im sharing such a 'sports' thing, but this almost made me cry. 

ppps: i'm obsessed with this skit. can't. stop. laughing. 

pppps: just making sure ken is reading my blog every day. 

birch trees

i'm into them.

ps: please can someone magically put these in my closet? size 9.5 thanks!

pps: mirrors in the kitchen! 

ppps: to wallpaper or not to wallpaper? wallpaper

life imitates art

Another round of 'life imitates art'! Let's find this painting some rooms equally rich interiors filled with deep blues, purples and pops of green!

Would work nicely in one of the rooms below, no? 

ps: love this look

pps: post coming up dedicated to over-dyerugs!

pps: did you know that julia child's didn't start cooking (let alone turning it into her proffession) until she was in her late 30s? I kind of love that. Here's to figuring things out on the 'later' side!

that hammock life

Vacation has unleashed a serious passion for hammocks.

The question is, was I ever NOT into hammocks? 

Serious thoughts today on the blog. 

ps: ok, and this whole thing is cracking me up. 

pps: i've always found it fascinating how some people can work totally alone day after day, hence my interest in this article

ppps: i like you

we're back!

What better way to ramp the blog back up post-vacation with boat houses. I Admired many this past week and now all I want to do is buy one and fix it up.

How lovely would it be to live above your fleet of boats and canoes...

ps: how about a sunset cocktail on one of these boats...

pps: this is fantastic

ppps: more on my new obsession with shuffleboard later this week..

wait! wait!

confession: I don't really understand soccer nor have I caught much of the world cup. I did however catch the last few minutes of today's USA vs GERMANY game.  I gather we are still in the tournament? Despite my confusion about how that is possible let's celebrate with some patriotic looks below. Perfect with 4th of July just around the corner!

PS: in chicago for the evening and hoping to snag last minute tickets to one of my favorite NPR shows. Fingers crossed!

PPS: wish I was the kind of traveler who packed things like this. one day? 

i'll take one of each

a vintage wood boat

and an outdoor shower to wash all that sunscreen away....

ps: maybe toss these in a cocktail whilst the grill gets warm....

pps: maybe toss on this for the evening

pps: gotcha. more like this

ppps: oh why hello there sir!

summer vacation recipe


white shorts, Wisconsin beer, friends on boats, sneakers without socks, brats, and a dock.

ps: wouldn't mind this guy in a cabin by the lake

pps: this will

ppps: way too formal for my summer vacation, but perfect nonetheless.

the entry chair


happy weekend!

ps: ill take the top/short combo please and thank you.

pps: wouldn't mind a snack & coffee here

material crush thursday

caned furniture:

always in need of repair. but so. damn. beautiful. 

ps: i like you

pps: you too

pps: and you guys!

baby it's hot outside

It was 90 degrees outside last night. Appropriate time to think about shading strategies. 

ps: my new favorite podcast

pps: this episode was fantastic