just do it

You know what? Telling yourself you are going to blog 5 times a week is a tough promise to keep. (as evidence of the lack of posts recently) So....new goal! Just post when I post!

Is this a lazy approach? Maybe. But maybe it's not! I am really into Eckart Tolle right now and this book specifically. (Yes Oprah is a fan) And it's got me thinking...what happens when we let go of the  'shoulds' and the 'have to's' and replace it with just 'be'? Sounds pretty peaceful to me!

Speaking of nike....currently craving a pair like one of these guys below!

ps: holy winter recipe challenge! I want to make this, this and this!!

pps: interesting...

ppps: on a typical unrelated note, this cold weather has got me dying for a new winter coat!

haters gonna hate

Can't stop won't stop watching...and dancing...and watching again.

Here's to Friday and here's to new dance moves!

ps: red and blue

ps: blue and red

ps: blueish, reddish?


almost winter mix

I don't know about you but these shorter days and darker evenings make me want to cuddle up on the couch with a warm cider whiskey drink in hand and layers upon layers of stripes, plaids and denim. Plaid and stripes! I'm into it. 

ps: can't....stop....listening....

pps: has anyone listened to this? Thoughts? 

ppps: new favorite recipe blog! 

well this is fun

h&m HOME! My favorite pieces below!

for the couch:!





for the bath!






for the kitchen!





ps: i can't wait to see

pps: adding this to my never emptyamazon basket...now!

ppps: everyone, hurry, get yourself to philadelphia and order the grilled cheese here! You're welcome :)


we had 4 guests over the weekend and it got me thinking about guest rooms...what to include...what to exclude...(water? flowers? snacks? extra pillows?) How does one make a nights stay for visitors comfortable and relaxing, but simple? Some (fantasy) ideas below!

ps: ugh indeed

pps: i mean if this isnt the most lovely simple cake I don't know what is. 

ppps: i agree Diane, I agree. 

pppps: makes me miss Ithaca in the summer!!

outdoor wood wall

we are working on making our backyard (concrete pad surrounded by chicken wire fencing) a little more.....appealing. ha! JDM scored some beautiful wood siding panels that someone was throwing away so we have half of the fencing covered...now just have to score some more free material or give in and make another trip to Lowes. Inspiration images below! (clearly loving the painted black look!) 

ps: speaking of fences, a great halloween costume

pps: i love her.

ppps: good question! why??

that age old tradition...

....of forcing guys to apple pick. I  did it. It happened a few weeks ago. JDM was forced to apple pick but you know what? I Think he secretly enjoyed it. Now our apartment is filled with apples and home to three apple crates and i'm scheming up ways to use them that go beyond just stacking them under a table. Ideas below!

ps: sorry for the radio silence these past two weeks! Speaking of radios....i am OBSESSED i tell you! OBSESSED with this new podcast!!

pps: new favorite tshirt

ppps: ok I feel like this person had a LITTLE too much time on their hands, however it does serve as an updated clue to my halloween costume! (yes it's no longer tied to bill murray)

pppps: all i want to do is live in black sneakers these days?

ppppps:  mmm or these!


Craigslist cruising

yes took a little time off these past weeks from blogging but I am back! And dying to pick up unnecessary furniture pieces I have found off Philly's craigslist recently like those below on the left  and their inspirational counterparts at the right!

ps: dear craigslist gods, can you send something like this my way?

pps: calvin is that you??

pppps: i like this idea, but used in your kitchen at home instead of a chalkboard for 'to-do' lists etc

cats and rain on roofs...or something

it's a rainy day here in Philly and all I want to do is curl up for a nap in a cozy little sleeping loft, perhaps directly beneath the pitched tin roof of a lovely little lakeside home. Sounds relaxing, no? 

ps: can't beat this fall dish. cooked it tonight!

pps: Speaking of fall recipes,  which of these three should I go with for a ladies night tomorrow? 

ppps: and they come in TALL!

ppppps: youngest SNL writer ever? 

super adult friend night party

You know what's a good time? Having friends over, throwing some pizzas on the grill, sipping on bourbon and cider drinks and sitting down to a good ol' fashioned game of Pictionary. Can't think of Pictionary without thinking of the scene below from 'When Harry Met Sally'. Just me? 

Below are some of my favorite sketches from the night. Can you guess which movies they represent? 

ps: mmmm. pavers and grass.

pps: toured this house sunday! A lovely short ride from philly!

ppps: shhh a small halloween costume hint

awkward bedfellows


Finally made progress on our 'gallery wall' in the living room! There's something so inherently awkward about pairing technology right alongside art,  but I am actually pretty happy with it! Some are a bit crooked and I already see some gaps I want to add more frames to, but it's a start! Some additional inspirational photos below!

(And yes that's football on the screen....cohabitation joys!)

ps: so beautiful...can't stop looking at these!

pps: we are grill owners! So adult. 

ppps: future meal!


Instead of saying, 'this is my next project' i'm just going to say...'hey wouldn't it be great if i found time and the discipline to sit down and do something like this!"

That said, I love the look of a simple linen fabric over a window. 


PPS: but will I be the tallest lady in all the land? 

PPPS: fall party food ideas


meditative dishwashing

inspired by a dear friend's kitchen and the very slow and deliberate way she washes her dishes and puts away objects...it got me thinking...is there something to 'moving slowly and deliberately through daily chores and tasks? Is she onto something here? Not only are you left with a clean space but you have gained some calm and space between you and your thoughts. Meditating and washing dishes....try it with me!

i was so inspired by my friend's kitchen- a very deliberately curated space with unique, but simple objects which each had their own place. Images above remind me of a similar 'soul'.

ps: lovely lovely space

pps: water coloring sounds like it might be meditative...

ppps: i love her...one day ill be renovating a home and documenting it as well! one day!!


bring back some irish

My mother is off to Ireland tomorrow and I have requested she return with some yummy chunky thick Irish cable knit sweaters in tow.


Mom: take note! :)


ps: love her

pps: lovely

ppps: listen

pppps: an irish farm house...courtesy of angela landsbury?

ppppps: taking that leap


slow and steady

Do you ever have so many ideas or projects in your head that you get overwhelmed and don't do any of them? Well that happens to me often, but this weekend I chipped away at one and finally and have this guy below finished!  Slow and steady wins the race right? 

The dresser above was found on craigslist for only 35 dollars and painted white. The pipe and flange were bought at lowe's and it's so sturdy I actually never nailed it to the dresser! I'm into this piece. It really is saving lot's of space! Now I just need to start taking better photos!

ps: love you erin.

pps: Amish heat for those of us craving a fireplace on these crisp fall days.

ppps: lovely couch looking for a good home! 

pppps: i kind of enjoy the layout of this website

for gods sake put on some pants.

someone got a shave this weekend! (minus the feet)

Speaking of being exposed...how about exposing the ceiling joists in your lovely lake house? Some inspiration below for a little side project I am scheming up....

ps: love the first idea

ps: a classic reinvented! and probably my favorite chair to hunt on craigslist...

pps: sigh...wouldn't this be a great idea for a hotel room? Still sad about an old project dying...

ppps: THIS HOUSE. 

pppps: this restaurant.

it's like going through someone else's trash...


Let the treasure hunt begin!

Major take away already from today's post? People are just dying to give away free firewood. Note to self, never buy firewood again.

OK, what is with everyone trying to give away pianos?? There are millions of you people! I might have to pick one up in lieu of something like this. 

 I've been considering signing up for an upholstery class and this could be just the chair to pop my 'upholstery' cherry. (ew, sorry, kind of) I'm into dusty pink or stark black fabric!

you had me at 'free vine in a plastic tub'. Now the question is how to get it out of said tub and plant it in something a little more pleasing to the eye...


ps: speaking of free, a super cool shop in LA. 

pps: what a wonderful website and company started by my coworker and his wife!

ppps: im kind of super into husband/wife teams right now...another example. 

pppps: anyone interested in working in Portsmouth, NH?????

ppppPs: we are off to the races this weekend? this will be a first...

pppppppppppppppppppppps: detailed description and instructions on how to score some free walnuts. God I love humans. 

baking bread

  • install gallery wall
    • build and plant window box
      • build desk
        • assemble pipe and flange cloth hanger
          • install reclaimed wood onto back yard fenc
            • bake bread

....just a few of my goals for this upcoming weekend. totally doable right? 

ps: can someone tell me how people like this exist? Still crushing hard....not sure on what more, the girl, the husband, the dog or the apartment!

pps: if calvin would start pulling his weight around here....i would buy him a lot more things

ppps: inspirational power couple in philly!

well well well

Have been scouring the internet for the exact inspiration image I was thinking in terms of converting a newly painted craigslist dresser into exposed hanging storage for clothes...and lo' and behold who is selling something that illustrates the exact idea? 

Ol' Anthropologie....

ps: sigh. I love BDDW. And this image further confirms the piece of craigslist furniture I'll be picking up and placing a very similar mirror above it...will serve as a nice makeup and perfume station. Pictures to follow soon!

pps: man i have a serious girl crush. seriously. 

ps: Wisconsin wins again!!